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In Tajikistan, a "fence" of Saxaul will be erected to prevent dust storms

02.08.2023 | 01:25 |
 In Tajikistan, a "fence" of Saxaul will be erected to prevent dust storms

In order to prevent dust drifts in the south of Tajikistan, the largest saxaul plantation is being divided into more than 300 hectares.

For this purpose, more than 250 thousand saplings of saxaul are grown in the Aivaj nursery of the Shakhritus district in the Khatlon region, which borders Afghanistan in the south and Uzbekistan in the west, for further planting on the desert territory of the district. This was reported at a press conference of the Tajik Forestry Agency, reports .

"Saxaul rhizomes strengthen the soil and protect agricultural lands and nearby sandy areas from soil erosion, due to which the wind easily lifts dust and sand into the air," experts noted.


The planting of an area of about 420 football fields by saxaul is carried out as part of a project to restore forests and improve the well-being of local communities. This project, with the support of the Government of the Republic and the Government of Korea, was launched in July 2020 and is valid until September 2023.

Saxaul is a genus of woody plants with a dozen species. White saxaul grows in Tajikistan, its height is 5-8 meters, and the powerful root system of the plant regulates the content of organic substances in sandy soil. This plant tolerates severe drought, unbearable heat and salty soil.



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