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Trees in Bishkek will receive a "medical card" and will be entered in the digital register

17.08.2023 | 23:38 |
 Trees in Bishkek will receive a "medical card" and will be entered in the digital register

Each tree in Bishkek will have a kind of "medical card" - the mayor's office of the Kyrgyz capital and the public foundation "Archa" for the first time launched a project of electronic inventory of green spaces of the city. The register will include data on the number, geolocation, types, irrigation and condition of certain trees, reports

Environmentalists, together with city services and volunteers, register green spaces and check for diseases. Each tree is photographed, the trunk diameter and height are measured, the age is determined and an ordinal number is assigned. The data is entered into a special application and filled in online medical records.

Experts have examined only 4% of Bishkek's plantings so far, and these are 200 thousand trees: oaks, birches, poplars, elms. There are emergency ones among them - about 100 thousand are subject to replacement. Especially in poor condition are those that grow along the roads.

Environmentalists of Kyrgyzstan have sounded the alarm, as the area of green areas in Bishkek is decreasing. For example, in the USSR, there were slightly less than 30 square meters of park area for every inhabitant, now there are only three. Starting from 2014 to 2021, the number of green spaces decreased by 20%.

The inventory of all trees in the capital of Kyrgyzstan may take three to four years. Municipal services use satellite maps to track all the trees in order to optimize plant care: somewhere to improve the irrigation system, somewhere to carry out sanitary pruning. The city authorities want to return Bishkek to the glory of the greenest city, now in the CIS.

Information with data about the green residents of the city will be available to everyone. It will be enough to install the "Green Bishkek" program on a smartphone and view information about any metropolitan tree through a digital catalog, the message says.



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