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Unusual mushrooms called "bloody teeth" were found in the Leningrad region

20.08.2023 | 23:33 |
 Unusual mushrooms called "bloody teeth" were found in the Leningrad region

Unusual mushrooms that are rarely found in nature have been discovered in the Nizhne-Svirsky State Reserve of the Leningrad Region of Russia. One of them is a "bloody tooth", or Hydnellum peckii, which secretes a red liquid similar to blood.

This mushroom grows under coniferous trees among mosses and has different nicknames, such as "bleeding mushroom", "bloody tooth" or "strawberry with cream".

According to mushroom pickers engaged in "quiet hunting" on the territory of the Nizhne-Svirsky State Reserve, Hydnellum peckii are mushrooms that are very rarely seen in the forest.

The peculiarity of these mushrooms lies in their bitter taste, which makes them uneatable. But their incredibly unusual appearance inspired many names, such as "Bloody Tooth" and "Strawberries and Cream". "Droplets" are formed on the hat, which are very similar to droplets of blood. The very color of the mushroom is white. 

Experts of the reserve suggest that it is the peculiarities of the environment and climate that make this rare species of mushrooms so unique and difficult to study.

Another rare species is the ringed cap, or Rosites dim, which has a yellowish cap with a ring on the stem.

This mushroom is considered edible and even delicious, it can be pickled or fried. The ringed cap forms a mycorrhiza with coniferous and deciduous trees and prefers moist acidic soils.



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