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A “levitating” train was tested in Poland

12.09.2023 | 02:52 |
 A “levitating” train was tested in Poland

Polish startup Nevomo has developed technology that allows trains to take off and float above the rails at high speed. The testing ground for the world's first MagRail train was a 720-meter railway track in Nowa Sazzyn in Poland, Themayor reports. According to the developers, such trains will potentially be able to travel at speeds of up to 550 km/h.

The concept of levitation makes MagRail technology similar to existing high-speed magnetic levitation trains currently used in Japan and South Korea. However, there is one significant difference: MagRail trains can use existing rail infrastructure, and this is very important from a cost perspective.

Nevomo's research and development took 3.5 years and was demonstrated on the longest passive magnetic levitation test track in Europe.


During the tests, the MagRail train reached a speed of 135 km/h on the track. Weighing two tons, the six-meter vehicle took off after reaching a speed of 70 km/h and accelerated to 100 km/h in just 11 seconds.

However, some modifications to the tracks will be required to accommodate the new type of trains. But it will be much cheaper and require less effort than creating infrastructure from scratch. Both traditional trains and magnetic levitation vehicles can use the same railway track.

Nevomo will continue to research and develop MagRail technology not only for levitation, but also for other possible applications. The main goal is to improve efficiency and capacity before commercializing the first version of MagRail for freight transport in 2024.


Photo: Nevomo

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