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China will create up to five metaverses by 2025

13.09.2023 | 17:15 |
 China will create up to five metaverses by 2025

China has announced its plans to create "three to five industrial clusters" using metaverses - virtual worlds where digital avatars can interact with each other as in real life.

This follows from the plan published by the Ministry of Industry and Informatization and four other departments. The plan provides for the implementation of this task by 2025, the South China Morning Post reports.

The metaverses will be used for various industries, such as the manufacture of household appliances, automotive, aerospace, steel and textile.

With the help of metaverses, it is possible to optimize the processes of planning, calculation of materials, production and maintenance. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and electronic components will be used to create metaverses.

China is developing its space in the metaverse in accordance with the fifth 14-year plan. In July 2022, Shanghai published an action plan for the development of the metaverse until 2025. China is striving to become a leader in this field and compete with other countries such as the United States and South Korea.



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