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A fashion brand creates clothes using a robotic arm

25.02.2024 | 00:48 |
 A fashion brand creates clothes using a robotic arm

The Procode_Dress brand, founded by Lilah Porges, uses a robotic arm with 3D printing technology to combine creativity and programming to create clothes. The first printed collection was presented at New York Fashion Week.

The company, founded by designer Lilah Porges, uses environmentally friendly materials when printing with a robotic arm, and aims to "combine science, technology and fashion" for a more sustainable future.


"3D printing will open the doors to a new world of new environmentally friendly materials that may not have been considered before. I have a background in architecture and engineering, and I've always enjoyed programming and science. My goal is to combine technology and fashion, using unconventional materials and software, to create fashion for the future that empowers women," says Lilah Porges in an interview with Just Style.

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The designer has already developed a collection of Dress_Code, in which she combined coordinates printed in 3D by a robotic arm using three methods – random, precise and large-scale. Inspired by software development, this collection explores the aesthetics of the possibilities and limitations of technology, using traditional techniques such as mold manufacturing and product fabrication, through manual and robotic 3D printing.

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"While experimenting with this new technology in the form of precision printing, I realized how wonderful the mistakes of a robotic hand can be, just like handwork and handicraft, imperfections are unique. Therefore, I combined accurate impressions of a robotic arm with random ones, showing the process of introducing new technologies to create new applications," Lilah explains on his website.



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