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Semiathlon Seminary: about the creative competition in the Russian school

15.04.2024 | 02:04 |
 Semiathlon Seminary: about the creative competition in the Russian school

The competition "My Star Family - 2024" was held at the Turkmen-Russian Pushkin School. The organizers threw a shout, and immediately a queue formed of those who wanted to take part in this competition. More than 20 family groups, which included two or even three generations, volunteered to compete. They were registered under the original names, which for obvious reasons, one way or another, were associated with family names or with the composition of the teams. For example, the collective "Three ku" (this trio consists of famous musicologists and figures of Turkmen culture Jamili and Myrat Kurbanov, who are also grandparents, and their granddaughters Aina), "There are two of us" (Baymyradov Batyr and Guvanch - dad and son) or "Double Shire" (a duet of mom and son the Shirovs' daughters).

Some teams have come up with their own family dress code. Moreover, such an interesting trend has emerged. The younger members of the families were somehow more restrained. Nevertheless, the representatives of the older generation decided: "It's now or never!", and with a powerful shake of the old days, they came off in full. There were rocker jackets, Russian sundresses, a fashionable beanie hat, crimson jackets... in short, everyone expressed themselves as best they could.

What is this competition for? First, every adult wants to let out the child hidden in him. Moreover, in this competition, it could be done in a completely legitimate way, without the risk of being ridiculed. Parents were happy to try on the roles of famous singers and musicians. In addition, the audience was happy to meet the performances of talented daredevils: for example, dad a la Jimi Hendrix, or mom a la Miley Cyrus…


Secondly, the point is that parents are ready for anything for the sake of their beloved children. After all, behind every two-minute performance there are endless kilometers of spoiled nerves, and liters of tears. This is not counting the man-hours spent, or rather mom- and dad-hours, and a lot of important things postponed for later.

Adults and young children "fought" in seven difficult disciplines: choral singing, solo singing, poetry reading, dancing, solo playing musical instruments, instrumental ensembles and an original genre.

The jury in this competition did not have to choose the winners for a long time and painfully. The auditorium itself clearly marked the favorites with its decibels. Who are they?

Terekhina's father and son became one of the best. They performed the author's song based on Yesenin's poems "I remember, my love, I remember ...". If dad felt like a fish in water on stage, then his son was a little worried at the piano. Starting his speech, he called all the viewers in a learned announcer's voice. Then, I realized that I was mistaken, and "yelled". Everyone in the room, including him, laughed. The situation was relieved, the young man relaxed and performed well. Dad and son got the first place.


Everyone remembers the touching Dosmammedov family choir, consisting of beautiful sisters Yasmina and Amina, their young mother, as well as dad – in the role of maestro at the piano. They performed the song "Horse". Moreover, if the female half of the family was just trembling with excitement, then the head of the family broadcast his equanimity and bulletproof to the outside world. He calmly sat down at the piano, accompanied the choir, and then, at the end of the number, got up from the instrument and walked off the stage with a general's gait, with an even posture. "Probably a military man," the ladies in the hall whispered.

The Kondryman family Quartet has prepared a "poetic medley" of works by Eduard Asadov and contemporary Russian poets. Parents and two daughters were so united and radiated harmony that they understood each other from half a glance and half a glance. At some point, when the head of the family forgot the words and tried to remember the text, the daughters, feeling it as if on command, chorused the text for dad and "saved" the situation. Dad smiled back at them gratefully.

The duet "Double SHIRE" is remembered as a duet in red. The family group, consisting of composer Ayna Shirova's mother and daughter Tilla Shirova, performed Brahms' Hungarian Dance on the piano in four hands. "Just don't stop! Even if you make a mistake, keep playing! I'll pick you up!" - Mom set up the Rear before going out. As a result, the Rear performed its part brilliantly, and the red team received one of the prizes.


The Mexican performance of the Mammadniazov brothers Omar and Osman also left a vivid impression. The guys sang a song from the cartoon "Coco's Secret". However, all the contestants also noted the personal qualities of the eldest of the brothers, Omar. Despite the fact that he was among the competitors, he tried to morally support each of the speakers. He approached the contestants and encouraged them: "You have prepared so well!" or "How well you performed!" Thank you, Omar! You will grow up to be a wonderful person!

The contest "My Star Family", which, in fact, is not a competition, but rather a gathering or even a seminar of family groups, which in such an original form – through art, teach us to love our loved ones and relatives, share their family recipes for fostering endurance and patience, compliance and wisdom, mutual assistance and support. It would be good to hold such "open stage" events more often.

Shasenem OVEZOVA

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