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Snow falls in Central Europe and the Balkans after a hot spring

19.04.2024 | 12:04 |
 Snow falls in Central Europe and the Balkans after a hot spring

Snow fell in Central Europe and the Balkans after an unusually hot spring, Euronews reports.

Thus, in some areas of Austria it has been snowing since Tuesday, although over the weekend the air temperature exceeded 30°C.

Several accidents occurred in the Paxattel mountain pass in Carinthia in southern Austria. On many roads, drivers are strictly required to wear snow chains. Emergency services fear snow-laden trees will fall onto roads and power lines.

Snow also fell in Croatian Zagorje - in the communities of Petrovsko, Hum na Sutli, Pregrada, Djurmanec, Radoboj and Jesene.

Snow and rain fell in places throughout the country. Residents are hoping there will be no frost as it could damage fruit trees that are currently in bloom.

The air temperature dropped by almost 20°C in Romania. Real winter has arrived in the city of Cluj-Napoca, located in the north-west of the country. If on Tuesday the thermometer showed 25°C, then on Wednesday it was already 4°C.

Snow also fell in the mountainous regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the country's capital, Sarajevo. It should be noted that previously the temperature here reached almost 30°C. And this is not typical for spring in the Balkans.

According to climatologists, such weather contrasts are intensifying due to global warming.



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