23.08.2023 00:07
A new superstar has appeared in one of the zoos in Tennessee, USA. It doesn't have a name yet, but it has already made a splash among its herd – a giraffe without spots.
20.08.2023 23:33
Unusual mushrooms that are rarely found in nature have been discovered in the Nizhne-Svirsky State Reserve of the Leningrad Region of Russia. One of them is a "bloody tooth", or Hydnellum peckii, which secretes a red liquid similar to blood.
17.08.2023 23:38
Each tree in Bishkek will have a kind of "medical card" - the mayor's office of the Kyrgyz capital and the public foundation "Archa" for the first time launched a project of electronic inventory of green spaces of the city. The register will include data on the number, geolocation, types, irrigation and condition of certain trees, reports
16.08.2023 21:22
The US Department of Energy will allocate $ 1.2 billion to expand direct air capture (DAC) projects to clean it from carbon dioxide, writes Reuters.
13.08.2023 14:01
The United Nations successfully completed the transfer of oil from the FSO Safer supertanker off the Red Sea coast in Yemen, averting the immediate threat of a major spill.
02.08.2023 20:33
In 2023, people have exhausted the conditional supply of renewable natural resources by Wednesday, August 2, the American environmental organization Global Ecological Footprint Network, GFN, reported. DW writes about this.
02.08.2023 01:25
In order to prevent dust drifts in the south of Tajikistan, the largest saxaul plantation is being divided into more than 300 hectares.
31.07.2023 14:54
In the south-west of Turkmenistan, after 20 years of searching, a plant species that was previously considered to have fallen out of the flora of Turkmenistan was found — wild German medlar. She was found in a remote mountainous area.
29.07.2023 11:13
The ecologist of the Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan, Hojamyrat Hojamyradov, was able to photograph a bird that had not previously been found on the territory of Turkmenistan on the territory of the Koytendag State Nature Reserve.
26.07.2023 15:56
Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, experts in the field of environmental protection, finance, economics, statistics and other areas discussed with experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) the implementation of projects on rational land and water use.