04.12.2022 12:56
The Orion spacecraft, launched into space as part of the Artemis I mission, will fly past the Moon for the last time, after which it will go back to Earth, CNN reports.
04.12.2022 11:54
The new mobile application has become available in Turkmenistan- it is a dictionary of terms in the field of information and communication technologies named IT Sözlük.
27.11.2022 15:00
The Permanent Mission of the United Nations in Turkmenistan will help the government of the country to introduce an interdepartmental system for the exchange of electronic data.
25.11.2022 14:42
In the summer of 2023, Turkmenistan Airlines will receive at its disposal a modern digital simulator H39 FNPT II MCC developed by Entrol — the leading manufacturer of simulators of this kind in the world, writes the AirMed&Rescue website.
25.11.2022 14:17
The issue of establishing cooperation in the field of mutual legal assistance was discussed at a joint meeting of representatives of the judicial authorities and consular services of the CIS member states, the website of the executive committee of the organization reports.
23.11.2022 14:45
The Freestyle multimedia portable projector from Samsung is able to turn any surface into a cinema or decorate it with a cheerful image for the holiday.
21.11.2022 00:24
The sands of the Turkmen Karakum can be used to extract energy resources and the subsequent development of green energy within the framework of the project of the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Facility.
13.11.2022 10:03
The state telecommunication company Turkmentelecom, in cooperation with private partner companies, is creating a national ecosystem of web services that are useful in everyday life and work.
11.11.2022 09:55
Employees and students of the Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan have developed new technologies for breeding a strain and growing fungi from mycelium using a substrate. They presented their developments and experimental results at the international exhibition "TurkmenTel-2022" in Ashgabat.
11.11.2022 02:16
The exhibition of information and communication technologies "TurkmenTel-2022", held as part of the International Forum on Telecommunications, Telemetry, Information Technologies and Broadcasting Equipment and launched on November 10 in Ashgabat, presents a wide range of innovations, software, service companies and consulting services.