27.12.2022 03:33
Popular Turkish singer Mustafa Sandal gave a concert in Ashgabat on Monday evening. He performed at the site of the Winter Sports Complex, presenting in his program the hits that the public loved, with which he also conquered Europe.
12.12.2022 02:32
The Caspian Sea has once again amazed Instagram users with its stunning views. Azamat Sarsenbaev, a resident of Aktau and the author of numerous videos about the nature of Kazakhstan, recently published a video of a partially ice-covered sea. Astana Times writes about this on Sunday, presenting this video to readers.
09.12.2022 14:33
About 300 people took part in the "Winter Cup - 2022" on the game "What? Where? When?", organized by the Representative Office of the European Union in Turkmenistan.
30.11.2022 07:30
On the previous day of the competition, experts predicted that the real balance of power would be determined by the second day of the blitz chess championship, since many of the leading players had not yet met each other by that time. But it turned out that the final day did not make any special changes in the standings. Almost everyone who took the lead at the beginning held their lead until the last game.
29.11.2022 04:17
The two-day Turkmenistan Blitz Chess Championship has started in Ashgabat. 10 rounds were played on Saturday. Without going into details, we note that the composition of the participants in the blitz championship turned out to be more representative than the rapid – rapid chess championship that ended the day before.
27.11.2022 07:20
The championship of Turkmenistan in rapid chess has ended. It lasted three days, during which there was everything: optimistic expectations and unfulfilled hopes, the anticipation of a close victory and the bitterness of defeat, confidence in predestination and the treachery of chance.
25.11.2022 18:15
On the eve of the New Year holidays, the shop “Elektronika Dünýasi” announces a new season of discounts to please its customers and their families. ORIENT reported about pre-holiday promotions here.
25.11.2022 15:28
The games of the second day of the Turkmenistan Rapid Chess Championship were held on Thursday in the chess and checkers center of Ashgabat. How did the organizers of the tournament rate it?
25.11.2022 06:07
The Turkmenistan rapid and blitz championship started on Wednesday in the chess and checkers center of Ashgabat. The tournament was long-awaited, as a long break (as the last three years seemed to be) due to the global pandemic disrupted the schedule of international and, as a result, domestic competitions. And the official rapid and blitz championships have never been held in Turkmenistan before.
22.11.2022 00:48
Every year, on November 20, World Children's Day is celebrated in many countries. This holiday was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly 69 years ago. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted on the same day in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989.