24.01.2022 20:02
At the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex are planned to introduce a fully automated digital database. The corresponding international tender was published today in the official press. The contractor who won the tender will have to develop a tender proposal for the design and implementation of a full range of works to create and introduce a new digital system into the work of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex.
16.11.2021 12:32
Digitization, which has burst into our lives, is rapidly rushing into a bright IT future by leaps and bounds. Modern man has already ceased to be a user of digital technologies, but has turned into their integral part - into a walking device for consumer electronics, programmed for certain actions in the information and communication process.
29.10.2021 14:00
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved a joint project with Korean partners to create an Information Accessibility Center.
25.10.2021 20:17
On October 25 an 8-day online seminar on the theme «IT solutions – how technologies can advance your business» within the framework of the Women in Business Initiative organised by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) in partnership with the European Union started for Turkmen women-businessmen.
17.10.2021 13:25
Going to the Center of Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, I could not imagine how many amazing discoveries await me. More than once the well-known lines of Pushkin were ready to fly from my lips that "spirit and experience are preparing for us enlightenment"...
24.09.2021 17:03
Corporate clients of the Ashgabat City Telephone Network (AGTS) will now be able to pay for all services online, according to the official website of the joint-stock company.
11.09.2021 20:53
Based on the Law of Turkmenistan "On Electronic Document, Electronic Document Management and Digital Services", the Main State Service of "Turkmenstandartlary" developed and approved the Software Certification Procedure.
27.07.2021 17:44
China has become a major producer of Tesla models for global markets, said the United States electric carmaker on Tuesday.
20.07.2021 12:02
The Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TKNPZ) is modernizing automated control systems at several units. The relevant international tender was published in the official Turkmen press today.
14.07.2021 01:33
About 200 domain names are currently registered in Turkmenistan, where online shops and sites providing paid services operate.