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Use the sky, not the road - a “flying taxi” will appear in Paris

25.09.2023 | 14:48 |
 Use the sky, not the road - a “flying taxi” will appear in Paris

Paris will acquire urban air transport for the 2024 Olympics. During the games, an air taxi service is planned to be launched in the French capital - a futuristic device will serve Parisians and guests of the city, Reuters reports.

The project organizers are confident that electric air taxis will revolutionize the mobility industry. The wait for transport will take several minutes in a small hall after registration. Then, after passing through the biometric portal, the passenger will board the “flying” taxi.

Departures will be carried out to one of five vertiports around Paris. One of the sites is located on a floating barge on the Seine. An air taxi can land in a space with a diameter of 15 m, which allows you to travel by this type of transport in the city. The device runs on rechargeable batteries and reaches speeds of up to 110 km/h, and its flight range is 35 km.

The vehicle of the future was presented at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget by the German company Volocopter, which will become the supplier of the “flying” taxi. The Aéroport de Paris group, which is actively involved in the project, claims that the new products are 4 times quieter than helicopters. However, the last word remains with the residents of the French capital, who must give the green light to the appearance of electric aerial units in the sky.



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