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Balkanabat hosts an art festival dedicated to the anniversary of Magtymguly

01.03.2024 | 19:32 |
 Balkanabat hosts an art festival dedicated to the anniversary of Magtymguly

The Balkan Special School of Arts is holding a festival this week dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the great Turkmen writer and philosopher Magtymguly Pyragy.

The festival marathon was opened with a concert by the chamber orchestra of a special school led by a young talented conductor and teacher, a recent graduate of the Turkmen National Conservatory Gulayim Mammadannayeva. The program includes works by such Turkmen composers as Veli Ahmedov, Dangatar Hydyrov, Suhan Tuiliev, Mammed Huseynov, Maysa Mammetjumayeva, Selbi Niyazova. In addition, the premiere of the composition "Äleme belgilidir" by the young composer, teacher Tylla Syatieva took place. Then the Bagshy ensemble led by Kuvvat Mededov took over the baton.

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Within the framework of the festival, a scientific conference was held, at which teachers and students discussed the following topics: "The influence of Magtymguly on the art of Bagshy", "Philosophical views of the great poet", "The significance of Magtymguly’s poems in the chamber vocal work of Turkmen composers" and others. It is appropriate to recall here that just a couple of months ago the monograph "The image of Magtymguly in the works of Turkmen composers" by Leyla Babayeva, a senior lecturer at the Maya Kulieva Turkmen National Conservatory, was released.

One of the days of the festival was opened with a concert by the children's art school No. 2 in Balkanabat. Bagshy folk songs performed by the Kazakh ensembles choral a'capella "Eý, dost" and vocal numbers "Näme sen? " and "Solupdyr Pygan bilen".

The lyrical and dramatic soprano of the vocalist and teacher of the children's art school Annagul Sopyeva gave the works a very soulful intonation. The distinctive performances performed by talented children of the school were the reading of Magtymguly’s poems in Russian and Turkmen to the accompaniment of dutar.

3 (1).jpg There was also a concert by the vocal and choral departments of the special School of Arts. And the fifth day of the festival was marked by the premiere of composer Mammed Huseynov's monopera "Magtymguly Monologues" for soprano, cello and orchestra (arranged for piano), which was presented by Gulkhanym Lametova (soprano), Arazmyrat Muradov (cello), Tylla Syatieva and Guyzgelddi Annaberdiev, winner of the V Moscow International Festival-Competition "Sounds of Dutar" named after Nury Halmammedov (piano).

The festival program also includes other musical events, an art exhibition of college students. The closing of the festival will take place on Sunday at the Balkan Regional Theater with performances by the talents of two children's art schools, as well as the Balkanabat Special School of Arts.


Photo: Balkan Special School of Arts

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