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Training for women entrepreneurs: unlocking the potential and scaling up a business

03.06.2024 | 11:22
Training for women entrepreneurs: unlocking the potential and scaling up a business

The Women in Business Community, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the USAID Project for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Business Environment (USAID/FGI), announces a specialized training for women entrepreneurs.

This training is intended for businesswomen who have been successfully running their business for more than three years and are considering scaling up. The purpose of the event is to help the participants identify the key motives for doing business, formulate a strategic vision for the next three years and identify the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

The main topics of the training:
• "Determining the personal value of a business" is a study of individual values and motivations using associative maps.
• "Visionary planning: where do I see my business in three years?" – development of a long-term development strategy.
• "Inventory of available resources: what do I already have to achieve my goals?" – a detailed analysis of all available resources, including financial, human and technological.
• "Critical analysis: what needs to change in my approach to doing business?" – identification and replacement of limiting beliefs with supportive attitudes.
• "Identifying key resources for future growth" – identifying the necessary tools and opportunities for business scaling.

After completing the face-to-face training, 15 participants will be offered individual coaching sessions to form the thinking necessary to move to a new level of development.

Do not miss the opportunity to unlock the potential of your business and take an important step towards scaling it.

The training is very valuable, and it is free for the participants.

Date and time: 06/08/24 from 9:30 to 16:00, Ginko and Platan restaurant (Hudayberdiyev-Podvoyskyiy)

To register for the training, fill out the form at link until June 4, 18:00. Participation on a competitive basis.

For more information, please call +99365077692 or contact us by e-mail or visit our website