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Talented youth are needed: an integrated Olympiad has started in Turkmenistan

02.02.2023 | 19:57 |
 Talented youth are needed: an integrated Olympiad has started in Turkmenistan

The first integrated Olympiad "Oguz hanyeni zehinli nesilleri" among secondary school students in natural and exact subjects, organized by the Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan, has started in Turkmenistan.

The comprehensive Olympiad brought together over 27 thousand students of grades 9, 10 and 11 from various parts of Turkmenistan. In each region, countries have created an opportunity to hold competitions on the ground.


— The main goal of the Olympiad is the formation and development of the knowledge economy among schoolchildren, -Ayjeren Abdyrakhmanova, lecturer and head of the Department of Innovation Economics, told ORIENT.

According to her, now knowledge is the main capital, the driving force of the economy, and in order to form this capital, talented young people are needed who are able to solve non-standard tasks, go beyond stereotypical approaches and change the world for the better.

— We want to identify the most capable, creative-minded guys and create a fund for talented youth, -identify Ayjeren Abdyrakhmanova.


The integrated Olympiad will be held in three stages. The first round – at the district level - will identify the strongest through questions on logical thinking. The test system is unique, as it was created by a teacher of this university.

In the second round (regional), which is scheduled to be held in April, students will measure their knowledge in five subject areas: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and English.

As part of the third round (state), which will take place in the summer, the Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology will deploy a Summer School within its walls and invite 120 students who have presented the best indicator. Summer school implies a kind of camp, which combines summer holidays and active classes in a particular field of science.


— During the functioning of the summer school, children will be introduced to a specially developed training program in each direction, besides, we plan to organize city tours, cultural and sports events. And on the last day, the final competition will be held, which will reveal the winners," explained the Japanese language teacher Lachin Gurdova.

At the end of the final stage, 20 students who showed the best result will become holders of honorary diplomas and letters of recommendation from the university, which will help them to enroll in various educational institutions of the country and abroad.


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