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China daily: Smart cities share digital management experience

30.05.2023 | 11:01 |
 China daily: Smart cities share digital management experience

Smart cities create a favorable environment for the development of industry and improving the standard of living of the population. In this regard, experts from city administrations around the world have begun to study digital transformation to create smarter and safer living spaces.

At the Smart City Forum in Guiyang, China, representatives of city administrations from different countries presented the digital solutions and tools they use in areas such as agriculture, healthcare and education.

So, in Palmerston North, New Zealand, artificial intelligence is engaged in monitoring the environment, endangered species of animals. Special attention is paid to sustainable construction, the construction of "green" buildings.

Busan, the first smart city in South Korea, introduced innovative services such as real-time water quality management, smart parking, intelligent medicine.

In Tripoli, Greece, devices were installed in all public places to monitor the use of energy. Thanks to intelligent calculations, citizens can avoid excessive use of electricity.

The exchange of experience in the field of digital governance is important because cities and local authorities have a large amount of information about improving productivity and ensuring a more comfortable life for people.



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