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The eye of the forest and the running man: new art objects have "settled" in Malevich Park

03.06.2023 | 16:05 |
 The eye of the forest and the running man: new art objects have "settled" in Malevich Park

The second part of the unusual open-air exhibition of contemporary art was presented in Malevich Park. The unique "museum" was created at the end of 2020, 25 km from Moscow, in the village of Razdory. The place was named after the Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. Pavilions and art objects in the park with their appearance refer to suprematism and the artist's creations, RIA Novosti reports.


The project was created with the support of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Moscow Region. The first part of the exhibition was presented in September 2022. Now it has been supplemented by five more objects. Among them is the "Meeting" of Alla Urban. In the press release of the organizers of the project, the work was called "surreal eyes of the forest".


The theme of the relationship between man and the boundless sky is laid down in Leonid Tishkov's "work" The Cube of Space. The artist's triptych completes the art work - the first two objects "Private Sun" and "Private Moon" were placed in the park last fall.


"Colored trees" by Alexander Konstantinov, an artist, mathematician and architect, "grew up" in the thicket of Malevich Park. His work is based on accurate calculations. The master's projects organize the world according to the laws of geometry.


Roman Ermakov's "Stable Composition" also appeared in the park. "The snow—white monumental sculpture is part of the author's series "Dancing Axis of the fifth dimension", where, among other multicolored and complex-balanced objects, it acts as the starting "zeroing" position for each new "dance" of forms and states," the press service explained.


At the entrance, guests of the park are greeted by another art object - "Man Running" by Igor Shelkovsky. His giant is part of a series of works that the artist has been creating since the early 2000s. Earlier, the route was opened by another sculpture by Shelkovsky — "A sitting Man". Now she has "moved" into the thicket of linden alley.


"We hope that the second part of the exhibition in Malevich Park will not only reveal to visitors new names of artists who drew ideas from the art of the Russian avant—garde, but will also become a space for cultural and intellectual leisure for residents and guests of Moscow and the Moscow Region," said Tatiana Karpova, Deputy General Director of the Tretyakov Gallery for Scientific Work.



Photo: provided by the press service of the exhibition project in Malevich Park

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