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GS1 Turkmenistan opens registration of companies and goods in the Global Registry

27.07.2023 | 00:40 |
 GS1 Turkmenistan opens registration of companies and goods in the Global Registry

The national barcode organization - GS1 Turkmenistan - has started registering companies and goods in the Global Registry (International Directory of Manufacturers and Retailers).

“This activity is carried out in connection with the implementation of a new global initiative of world retailers and leading manufacturers of world brands that began on July 1, 2023, which took the standards of the international organization GS1 as a basis,” the website of the authorized representative of GS1 in Turkmenistan says.

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The implementation of the Global Registry concept contributes to the creation of an international catalog of goods, which, in turn, will ensure complete transparency of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer, and will also help in the fight against counterfeit products.

The unified product information base being improved by GS1 Turkmenistan will help eliminate the costs of multiple manual input of product data into information systems; elimination of errors and ensuring the uniformity of product information throughout the supply chain; automatic control and provision of information to consumers about documents confirming the quality and safety of goods.


For the purposes of the work carried out by GS1 Turkmenistan in this direction, Turkmen companies and commodity producers need to provide the organization with a photo of the products manufactured according to a certain sample. Detailed information about it here

The National Barcode Organization was established in 2014, in 2015 it received the status of a full member of the GS1 international organization headquartered in Brussels, which includes 119 national organizations from around the world, and received the right to use the “GS1 Turkmenistan” brand. From this moment on, “GS1 Turkmenistan” assigns barcodes to Turkmen producers starting with the national prefix (code) “483”.

GS1 office contacts Turkmenistan:
(+993 12) 46-80-25 / 26; (+993 12) 46-85-78.



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