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A good chess tradition arises in Dashoguz: everyone is invited to play

20.09.2023 | 13:10 |
 A good chess tradition arises in Dashoguz: everyone is invited to play

A good chess tradition was born not so long ago in Dashoguz. Residents and guests of the city, who are not indifferent to the wise game of kings, gather once a month at the Novruz cafe to participate in a chess tournament.


Sitting down at the chessboards, schoolchildren and pensioners, men and women, professionals and amateurs are measured against each other. The winners are determined in different categories, including children, teenagers and adults.


The organizers believe that these tournaments are not only an opportunity for participants to gain gaming practice and improve their skills, especially for young students of chess clubs and sections, but also an opportunity for ordinary fans to immerse themselves in the incredible and boundless world of chess, the world of intelligence and creativity, strategy and combinations, geometry and imagination, calculation and psychology.


The next tournament will be held on the upcoming Sunday, September 24, and will be dedicated to the Independence Day of Turkmenistan.


It will take place in 11 rounds, and each player is allocated 5 minutes per game with the addition of 3 seconds for each turn. Participation is free for everyone. The contact person and the chief judge of the tournament is the master of sports in chess Ulugbek Matyakubov: +99363502706.

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Photo: provided by the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan

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