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Turkic countries established their own boxing tournament - WBC Amateur TURKSOY

14.04.2024 | 23:37 |
 Turkic countries established their own boxing tournament - WBC Amateur TURKSOY

The first WBC Amateur TURKSOY championship belts will be played in the fall of 2024 in Turkestan, Kazakhstan, among boxers aged 15-16 years.

The heads of the boxing federations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, a member of the governing council of the WBC (World Boxing Council) Oksana Seminishina, Secretary General of the international organization TURKSOY Sultan Raev took part in the Summit on the occasion of the establishment of new championship belts, which will be awarded to the winners of the WBC Amateur TURKSOY tournament. They signed the corresponding document on its launch.

As reported on the TURKSOY website, the Professional Boxing Federations of Turkic-speaking countries will promote the popularization of boxing among youth, exchange experience between participating countries in the sports field, support and encourage talented boxers, as well as create conditions for their development and career growth, strengthen friendly ties and mutual understanding between tournament participants.

Secretary General of TURKSOY Sultan Raev noted in his speech that a new vector has been chosen in the activities of the International Organization of Turkic Culture, and this is sports. He said that the organization has already held competitions in skiing and equestrian sports and is very glad that the next events are related to boxing in Turkic countries.

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Before the establishment of WBC Amateur TURKSOY, a pilot WBC Amateur Kazakhstan tournament was held last year with the participation of 500 guys competing in 5 weight categories.

The position of the tournament is still at the approval stage. But it is preliminary known that, first, national tournaments will be held in each country, the winners of which will compete in the final stage, consisting of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. A draw will take place and the best will be identified according to the Olympic elimination system.

This year at the WBC Amateur TURKSOY the finals are planned in 7 weight categories among 15-16 years old boxers. In total, there will be 34 weight categories, divided into two age categories: 13-14 years and 15-16 years, the final part will last 3 days, Secretary General of the Kazakhstan Professional Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan Bolat Mankenov said.

Oksana Semenishina noted that this tournament for new belts involves the unification of all Turkic countries for a common goal - the development of boxing in particular and sports in general. And with the establishment of the tournament, the countries of the Turkic world will begin to interact even more deeply, given the popularity of boxing in all TURKSOY participating states.



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