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Kazan Foundation opened a business center in Kabul for businesses from the Russian Federation and other countries

30.07.2023 | 17:28 |
 Kazan Foundation opened a business center in Kabul for businesses from the Russian Federation and other countries

A Russian business center under the auspices of the Kazan Muslim Patriotic Charitable Foundation has opened in Kabul. Already about 12 companies want to use this platform to organize their business in Afghanistan. According to experts, with the advent of a business center in Kabul, Tatarstan is becoming Russia's outpost in the Islamic Republic.

Not only Russian companies will be able to work on this platform. Applications for registration of representative offices of the companies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have already been sent, Tatarinform writes.

Russian companies are interested in projects in energy, pharmaceuticals and logistics. The possibility of creating a transport corridor Tatarstan-Turkmenistan- Afghanistan is also being considered.

The leadership of the Charitable Patriotic Muslim Foundation believes that the creation of a business center will simplify the work of entrepreneurs, as well as provide legal support for transactions, professional translators and security services.


“We have organized a round-the-clock call center to support our businessmen, advanced training courses for local translators, and we train both local men and women. We help in making money transfers through local and foreign banks. I note that our partner banks work with our clients at a minimum commission, in most transactions and without commission. There are banking programs that allow you to accept the currency of both countries - afghani and rubles - as payment. We also have our own representative offices in the border countries with Afghanistan, which help with the transit of our goods through these countries,” Rustam Khabibullin, director of the fund said.

The bowels of Afghanistan are a storehouse of minerals, which are still almost not mined. Meanwhile, here are the largest reserves of copper and iron in Eurasia, incredible reserves of uranium. In addition, Afghanistan has oil, gas, coal, gold, beryllium, sulfur, lithium, precious stones and more.

With the coming to power of the new government, state assets were frozen. The country's leadership was forced to look for new financial sources. Major infrastructural projects, including those for the extraction of minerals, began to be put at the forefront.

The business of Turkey, China, Iran is already actively engaged in investment.

The Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan in its report indicated that 125 projects worth $4.8 million were implemented over the past year. An additional 10,000 people were provided with jobs.

In addition, the tourism industry began to develop. Over the past year, about 6,000 foreign tourists have visited Afghanistan. Most of all they are interested in the Bamiyan lakes of Bandi-Amir, Aryub-Zazai in Paktia, Pul-Sayyad and Nuristan.



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