More than 97% of schools in Turkmenistan have been equipped with multimedia systems – State Committee for Statistics

More than 97% of schools in Turkmenistan have been equipped with multimedia systems – State Committee for Statistics

The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan in the 2020\2021 academic year brought the number of schools with interactive multimedia systems to 97.8% of their total number. This information was reported to ORIENT by the State Statistics Committee.

Universal access to high-tech equipment has opened up the opportunity for pupils to gain knowledge through specialized training programs. In the future, this will lead to a significant increase of computer literacy among the country’s entire population, including rural areas.

Modern Turkmen schools are equipped with computer classes, interactive multimedia boards, various projectors and other equipment. All this helps teachers to conduct lessons with greater visibility and better attract pupils’ attention to school subjects.

From the first grade, children are provided with educational laptops for personal use. During the lessons, they also use desktop PCs. Compulsory computer literacy and computer science classes have been introduced in schools.

The successful implementation of the Concept of the Digital Education System Development in Turkmenistan has made it possible to achieve almost universal introduction of computer technologies in the educational process. It was adopted in 2017. Since then, the level of implementation of interactive multimedia systems in the country’s schools has increased by 63.2%.

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If in the 2011-2012 academic year, multimedia equipment was installed only in 22.2% of schools, then during 10 years the introduction of information technologies in the educational process of general education institutions increased by 3.7 times.

The return on the executed work will be enormous, according to experts of the Ministry of Education. Currently Turkmenistan is actively pursuing digitalization of the economy. Today, pupils are being trained to work in the transformed financial and economic system, so that children from all regions of the country, from the most remote rural schools, can understand information technologies and in the future be able to find their place in the changing labor market.

Against the background of the above-mentioned innovations, other plans for the development of the educational system are being actively implemented in Turkmenistan. Recently, it was adopted Development Concept of natural and exact sciences teaching system, which is designed to nurture a new generation of enthusiastic inventors and scientists. Great progress has been made in improving the teaching of foreign languages to schoolchildren.

According to statistics, Russian has been taught in 99.8% of schools in Turkmenistan, English – in 98.8% of Turkmen schools. Also, the programs of various secondary schools of the country include the study of Farsi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and Italian.

The general education system of Turkmenistan is being gradually improved so that young Turkmen citizens will be ready for adult life and work in the new realities. The successful implementation of the government concepts and plans developed for this purpose will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the country.