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Industrial production in the Balkan region increased by 2%

01.08.2023 | 12:10 |
 Industrial production in the Balkan region increased by 2%

The volume of industrial products produced in the Balkan region has increased by 2% since the beginning of this year compared to last year. During this period, the enterprises of the western region of the country produced goods worth more than 10 billion manats, the newspaper "Turkmenistan" reports.

It is noted that half of the output volume was produced by the private sector. He also owns the vast majority of the cost of retail trade, whose figures for this period reached more than 3.6 billion manats, 3.3 billion of which are also accounted for by entrepreneurs. In general, this segment of the economy grew by 9%.

The Balkan region is the largest territorial unit of Turkmenistan, which has large oil and gas fields and related infrastructure. In addition, key trade routes run through the region within the framework of international transport corridors: the port city of Turkmenbashi and railway lines are worth noting here.



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